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Things We May Have In Common On Social Media

This post is all about me. But it’s about you too. Perhaps you will relate with me, perhaps you will not. Either way, I am quite sure that you will appreciate what I am sharing with you and I feel confident in the knowledge that my work has, again, been done well for the day.

Here are some of the thoughts I will be sharing with you. Many of you reading this may well be preoccupying yourself with thoughts on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram. Not just a few, as would normally be the case when you are starting out, but a lot. It is, of course, not my place to tell you that you are all so darn greedy.

As well I should know by now, I do appreciate that there are market and financial implications for gathering in as many followers as possible. Before signing up with Instagram, I was more of a wordsmith and bookworm than having a good eye for snappy photos. Thanks to the cool software it provides, the Instagram platform is a user-friendly staging post for all novice photographers.

Like me, you all have it within you to create captivating photos that future followers will like. Speaking of which, if you’re not too charmed with your modest tally of likes against your latest post, you can always buy a few more.

Focusing on bright color composition is not just artistically important. Its technically essential. You may well be satisfied with the initial photo capture. You may like the way it looks on your dashboard. But you will need to take into account how it is going to look on other platforms and devices. If you have used bold colors, it may come across as too dark on someone else’s device.

So, do edit your pictures before you publish them. I used to find creating videos a bit tricky. I can be nervous sometimes even at the best of times. I call this nervous excitement. So, as I’m putting together a moving picture, my hand just can’t stop shaking. I overcame this impediment by investing a few bob in a tripod.

Yes, you can buy this. It can be attached to your smart mobile device. And there you are, you are calmly in the director’s chair, in a good position to create quality videos that will look as close to professional on the other side.

Not too much drama and controversy, if you please. There will be sensitive followers out there. In any case, most social media consumers are always inspired or lifted by cheerful photographs. Seeing you smile may help them in their day. Seeing you dull and boring and they’ll run a mile in another direction.

Positive photos accompanied by a little persuasive language, if you please. Not in your face so that it irritates them, but highly motivating to convince them to come shopping with you.

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