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How to become the most popular guy on SM

This short article covers the social media cultural habit of random and liberal use of the famous like button. For the uninitiated, SM is the snappy acronym for social media. You’ve been punching that like button for as long as you can remember. Some of you have worn your fingers out since well before Instagram hit the scene. And in all this time, many of you may have been quite content to collect the odd little like here and there, thinking always; how nice, someone likes me. But not everyone. There’s the thing.

The like phenomenon is, in actual fact, as old as the hills. Since the beginning of time, this desire and yearning to be liked has been part of the human condition. Today, when you are feeling down and out, you might have that sense of isolation. You feel quite lonely and you get the sense that no-one has noticed you. You find yourself shouting out hollowly from time to time; hello, is anyone out there. But by doing that, you are already on the right track. However this may have begun for you, you are letting it be known that you exist and wouldn’t mind it very much if what you say or do is appreciated.

The iconic token of appreciation on any social media platform is that like symbol. Why it’s important to be liked on social media sounds a bit like asking you to state the obvious. For purely commercial reasons, of course, this is extremely important. The more likes you’ve collected on your dashboard, the stronger the perception grows that where business is concerned, you might just be up to something. And they have noticed, and maybe they want something more from you.

Call it post production, but if you are manufacturing good, vivid posts on a regular basis, viewers and your would-be followers will be reaching out for their like buttons from time to time. But this of course, to put things bluntly and realistically, is not the (progressive?) way on how to get more likes on Instagram viciously, judiciously, aggressively and in the quickest possible time. The only way to overcome this early lull is to buy some real likes – actual people accounts mind you. It can never be a vanity exercise; you already know that. But you will be curious, just how many of those likes you bought will be people out there saying; hey, we really like your stuff.

Buy your likes if it’s still all quiet on the home front. As far as social media clocks work, time waits for no-one. This short article has covered the human condition of wanting to be liked by others and in social circles, and in doing so, tied it into today’s popular habit of social media interactions online. It has drawn the reader’s eye to the commercial practice of accumulating likes in order to promote the business as part of its marketing ploy.

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