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Getting Your Message Across As Quickly As Possible

News travels so fast when you’re having fun. I’ve barely put the papers down and before you know it, the story’s already changed on the social media wires. There’s been a new development. I thought I had something important to say about some or another major event or something of interest to me but by the time I sat down to compose my message on my Instagram account, what I originally wanted to say was dead and stale.

I have one of a few burning ambitions in this life. This ambition is to become the fastest gunslinger in town. The fastest gun in the West. No, I don’t want to be an outlaw, there’s plenty enough of them around. I like the idea of being a law-abiding citizen. Also, as far as social media goes, I think I’ve found my calling. I might not have the personality or physique to sling it to Goliath as David did, but I’m good with words.

When it comes to taking in the news, I could have been regarded as something of a slacker in social media circles. But then again, maybe not. I’m more detail oriented than most of my coffee shop neighbours. But in order to keep myself on track and up to date with the news, I’ve adopted a new habit. When I feed myself off the morning’s news from no less than two dailies in my town, I hit my mobile and make bookmarks of at least five news stories I’d like to keep track with, follow up on and maybe even respond to.

You know what social media tutors like to say. They have got plenty of lessons for you, boyo. So listen up. One of the salient lessons given is to keep up a daily posting regime. You should be sending out at least one post a day. But what have I been saying all along? To my mind, this is not enough. One post a day is no longer one of the better devices on how to get Instagram followers fast, real fast, as fast as the quickest draw in the West.

I’m going for it. It’s a good job I love to write anyhow. Instead of just one paltry post a day, and just a few lines to boot, I’m making a push for no less than four! Yes! How about that then. But let’s not get carried away. You might not need to go to the extremes I’m going. It’s all going to depend on your subject matter and your target market. And maybe for some of you, just one monthly letter all about planting roses is going to keep your new followers happy.

You have no idea how long it took me to write up this post for you. Almost an hour! The thing is, I took at least two breaks. I was exhausted and I was hungry. It had to be done.

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