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Buy & Sell – Social Media Combo’s Necessary

This short post puts forward the case of having what can be termed a combo of goods. These are the tools you will be utilizing to drive your business forward. One of the best and most affordable tools to help you in your marketing and advertising exercises is the social media (SM) platform. There are numerous platforms available to the small business consumer. Because of its appeal (in more ways than one), Instagram is turning out to be the consumers’ platform of choice.

The combo effect has been bandied about for years. It satiates everyone’s greed or hunger. Speaking of which, the best example of the combo deal is your takeout burger and fries, or fried chicken deals. It leaps at you when you are least expecting it. And usually, you’re already feeling quite peckish. Volumes are sold and you buy into the deal that you’re about to chew on a lot more than you previously thought you could not afford. The good thing about buying into an Instagram program is that, initially, you’re not spending a bean.

You get so much more than you bargained for. All this for free. So hard to imagine. But there you go, it is so. First-time subscribers who know their stuff feel compelled to buy their first Instagram followers. This helps to prop up their marketing platform. It works well if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves for work and get ready to exploit the markets available, or potentially available, to you. No-one needs a lesson on how to buy Instagram followers as alluded to in this paragraph. It is relatively easy.

It is like buying your lunch-time combo deal. But after you’ve satiated yourself with followers, there are still practical exercises to put into practice to help you find your ideal or target market. Ideally, you’ll want real followers you know you can rely on for their support. If putting together a combo package deal to make your product or service more attractive to them is one of the marketing ploys to implement, then so be it. But of course, this hard sell would have to be relevant and appropriate to the kind of product or service you are selling.

And yet, it can be done. There are numerous examples that can be followed. Not just your burger and fries, but in the retail banking sector too, would you believe. Once you’ve peppered your deals nicely, you’ve still got to keep them coming back for more. If the same order, over and over again, appeals to them, then all good for you, it can be supposed. But what if it’s complex. Some of the practical exercises you’ll be following through to help you retain your market could be akin to continuously reinventing the wheel.

And you’ll also need to exploit new software innovations as part of your practical exercises to help you grow your SM share. That’s over and above just buying followers.

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