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A Few Good Ways To Win More Followers

I’ll give this my best shot. Because social media moves so quickly these days, I’d like to get these few words in edge-wise and through as quickly as possible. It is a standard length post that will be headlined under my WordPress page, but will also be linked to my Instagram account. On this platform, highlights of the original post on how to gain more followers on Instagram platforms as quickly as possible will be published.

I will not be keeping count of my tips for you here. Or maybe I will? Let’s wait until the end. Keep track, won’t you, and feel free to take notes.

For anyone new to social media it is a momentous occasion. The first-time registration process on your selected platform – Instagram, Facebook, WordPress? – and the creation of a good but very important profile. Put a lot of thought into this first-time effort. This will officially be your first post out and if you polish it up nicely, you could attract a few followers along the way.

After establishing what type of market you would like to attract to your business or personal cause, buy a batch of followers just for starters. It’s to give you some sort of immediate impact. Realistically, you’re not likely to gain a 100 followers in a week, but this does. In a matter of hours, in fact. Don’t ask me why, but viewers still seem to be quite impressed by numbers of this magnitude.

Thereafter, do get writing, snapping and posting. You’ll need to make it a regular exercise. It’s going to be a daily part of your life. Anything less than a week and you’ve wasted your own time. You’ll lose followers if you slouch like this.

Alongside of your own posting and promotional work, don’t forget to do some following of your own. As a first time social media practitioner, this is one of the best ways to learn. You’ll latch on to established bloggers and platformers and you’ll see how they set matters right for themselves. On a daily basis.

In order to gain further traction to your main platform, make good use of the hashtag. I recommend inserting a hashtag for every other post you send out if you’re using Instagram. Your Insta post is only a few lines long in any case.

What about Instagram’s filters? Do use these sparingly and with relevance.

And don’t forget to keep up with the news, the latest trends and do your research and development, as the case may be for your business or cause.

Well, there you go. Zippity-zap. Let’s see now. One, two, three, no less than seven tips for you. I’ve listed seven tips on how you can gain more followers on your blog or social media platform to help you realize the kind of success you aspire to in no less than not even 15 minutes. Hope my small, quick contribution is going to help you out.

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